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Alcohol Approval Form for University Staff Functions

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Date & Time of your Activity

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University staff planning to serve alcohol at University functions need to seek approval from and ask one of the following senior university staff to submit this form on their behalf:

  • Chief Officers
  • Deputy Vice Chancellors
  • Directors
  • Executive Deans
  • Faculty General Managers
  • Heads of Departments/ Schools/ Centres
  • The University Librarian
  • The Vice Chancellor

Only this list of people can approve the serving of alcohol at University functions

The person authorising alcohol provision and consumption must read and agree to the General Conditions listed below. He/she is aware of his/her obligations under relevant legislation and will accept full responsibility for the activity where alcohol is served and consumed.

This form is for Alcohol Approval only and does not actually book a location for a function.

To make an actual Room or Outdoor Area booking, click here for Web Room Bookings

If you have any questions about submitting this Alcohol Approval Form for University Staff, please call the Asset Manager - Campus on
Telephone: (02) 9850 7185




Fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory. If you attempt to submit this form without a mandatory field, you will see an error page indicating which field(s) need to be completed.


General Conditions

  • All University alcohol policies will be enforced
  • I am responsible for the event, I and/or my appointed designate will be present at all times during the function
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be supplied to and or consumed by individuals under 18 years of age
  • Service of Alcoholic beverages must stop 1 hour before the close of the event
  • Alcohol may only be served and consumed in the designated approved function area
  • Alcohol may not be served unless non-alcoholic beverages are readily available (in addition to water)
  • Food must be served and available during the entire time that alcohol is being served
  • Alcohol must not be sold outside Licensed premises
  • Alcohol must be served responsibly
  • Property Security Services may intervene/close the function if these general conditions of approval are not adhered to